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Birthdate:Aug 20
Location:Ohio, United States of America
A tree huggin', dirt worshipper. A snarky little shit. A giant dork in the best possible way. A strange, yet amusing woman. Artist through and through. Quirky to say the least. Respects the universe. Respects herself. Loves unabashedly. Believes in third chances. Believes too much. Sometimes doesn't believe enough.

My LJ entries can be: happy, sad, pissy, whiney, deep, riddled with sarcasm, or just plain mindless blather. The only way to really know me is to join me on this insane, crazy, beautiful, journey through life.

Who I am can be easily summed up with one of my favorite Augusten Burroughs quotes: "I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."

Note to reader: I'm not asking for you to comment and swoon over every one of my posts. Hell, if you start reading them and find yourself in a drooling, catatonic state...then just skip it. But, if you do comment - at least comment like you've actually read the damn thing. Nothing gets on my nerves more than a comment that you know is there just for the sake of commenting. Don't put me on your check list of shit to do. It shouldn't be a chore. I'd rather you just not comment at all, ya know?

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a million little pieces, anais nin, animal rights, anne rice, anthony bordain, art deco, augusten burroughs, autumn, b-movies, bbc america, bones, books, boondock saints, cake or death, captain jack, catatonia, chai, cheese, chipotle's, choxie, clementine, coldplay, conan o’brian, court tv, creature comforts, curry, daisies, daleks, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, david sedaris, dean koontz, dexter, dido, digital art, doctor who, drawing, earth magick, eddie izzard, edward scissorhands, eternal sunshine, evil monkey, fedoras, fight club, foo fighters, full moon, gaia, garden gnomes, ghost hunters, glasses, gods and goddesses, going green, gordon ramsey, gossip, graham norton, great lakes brewery, green day, guinea pigs, hello kitty, hindu art, hippies, house, house m.d., hrithik roshan, hugh laurie, hummus, indian food, ishtar, isis, james frey, jewelry making, karma, kill bill, knitting, llamas, lotus flowers, magical thinking, magick, mandalas, meditation, meerkat manor, mehndi, michael c. hall, mojitos, most haunted, mullets, mythbusters, neil gaiman, nerds, ohm, painting, paranormal, peonies, persephone, photography, poetry, post secret, project runway, rainbow sprinkles, reading, recycling, religious freedom, rocky horror picture show, rufus wainwright, running with scissors, salad fingers, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, save the planet, sharpie markers, shawshank redemption, shits and giggles, shivaree, sia, six feet under, skinny legs and all, stars, stop it, striped toe socks, sublime, sunflowers, system of a down, tea, that's what she said, the corrs, the doctor, the dresden dolls, the office, the princess bride, the riches, the sandman series, the stable, thunderstorms, toby flenderson, tom robbins, tombstone, tool, torchwood, ugly shoes, ugly things, vegetarianism, vintage, waterboy, wicca, wine, writing, x-files, yael naim, yoga, young's double chocolate stout
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